Water Saving Systems - Caledonia Washroom Services
water saving ideas from Caledonia Washrooms - Scotland's leading washroom service provider
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Water Saving Systems

Saving water is an obvious thing to do.  It saves you money, it reduces your carbon footprint, minimises you and/or your businesses impact on the environment and is easy to do.

One of the simplest ways to educe your water usage at home or at work is to fill a 1L drinks bottle with water and place it in every cistern in the home or office by reducing your water use by 1L a flush this could add up to 1000’s of litres saved over a year – dependent on how many toilets that you have.

At Caledonia Washrooms we are only to happy to come in and talk to you about how we can help save water from simple retro fitted push taps, to water management systems and water-less urinal systems – we have the expertise to advise what works best in your washroom environment