Urinals are the biggest cause of water waste in the workplace so lets look at some of the ways to combat waste.

Water Management Systems

Water Management systems have come a long way.  Historically plumbers would drip feed a water supply into a cistern and use a ballcock to trigger a flush mechanism.  many bars, hotels and business still have this system in operation today.  However, things have moved on and there are a multitude of systems that can work for your business.  I am going to try to avoid brand names as some systems on the market are sold as ‘white label’ and can have many different titles.

The simplest system uses some electronics and a solenoid valve.  The unit has to be manually programmed but can be adjusted to suit the cistern size and filling time so the right amount of water is being allowed into the tank and then is manually set to flush however times is deemed needed in a 24 hour period this could be as little as once every 12 hours to every half hour dependent on the business.

The slightly upgraded model to this can be programmed to flush only when the site is in use so effectively the system will flush as directed say Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm but won’t allow the system to flush out with these times.  Again this system doesn’t suit every business but does suit some.

Infrared Sensors.  These systems use an infrared beam in the washroom and can be set to trigger a flush say 5 minutes after it has been triggered or say after the beam has been triggered a set number of times.  Again this system can be very successful in some businesses and less so in others

All of the systems above are battery operated so can be retrospectively fitted in any washroom.  An alternative to Water management Systems is to go waterless completely.

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