A sad but true story of Vandalised Toilets

It’s a funny old game….

All eyes were on Scotland at the weekend as one of the biggest rivalries in sport and one of the oldest club football games was played for the first time in the league for four years.  The enthusiasm and rivalry, the media attention, television, newspapers and social media was, in my humble opinion, a bit over the top, but who am I to judge?

There is a small element of both sides keen to stir up trouble and fan the flames of hatred and violence. Thankfully as each year passes these unruly elements seem to get smaller and weaker albeit they seem to come up with more and more ‘inventive’ ways of creating a news story.

This weekend at the stadium in question the Away fans decided to destroy a block of toilets.  No doubt the cost of repair will run into several thousand pounds and the inconvenience of not having nearby ‘conveniences’ at the next home game won’t affect the away fans who inflicted the damage.  A different set of fans will have to find an alternative toilet option. They may even have to walk 50 metres further along and queue a bit longer.

This toilet block, so wastefully destroyed, had it been in sub-Sahara Africa, would have provided much-needed facilities for up to 500 children.   For a mere fraction of the cost to repair (about £240.00) a block of toilets could be built with running water and essential hygiene supply such as soap.

I wonder in the cold light of day if the so-called ‘fans’ who take for granted such basic facilities as a toilet would have been so destructive if this was the only toilet for the community and the nearest one for miles around?  I suspect not.

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