Japanese toilet

Bum Headline….

Who wouldn’t want to know about toilet paper sales in Japan?

My eye was drawn to an article on the BBC website claiming that sales of toilet paper in Japan were up even though the population was in decline.  Several reasons were given but the most plausible in my opinion is the trend for manufacturers to develop 2 and 3 ply paper options.

The perceived ‘luxury’ of a 2 or 3 ply paper is up to the individual but when you use warm air techniques to ‘quilt’ toilet paper you inevitably reduce the amount of paper on the roll.  The actual diameter of a roll of toilet paper is consistent to the manufacturer – the ‘thicker’ the paper the less there is on the roll, so be careful when you are in Sainsbury’s and check the sheet count for value for money.


Same Issues Different Sector

The same issues occur within the commercial sector and the variant of dispense are huge from single sheets to maxi jumbos – each manufacturer trying to create a unique dispense system that locks out the competions – lets face it toilet paper is a basic commodity we all must buy it?  So in the commercial market what is best? Well each to their own really.  We recommend Vendor Vision range. Why?

  1. the units are well designed and can be made in 3000 colours
  2. each dispenser holds up to 200m of paper (about 8 domestic rolls)
  3. you just top up when convenient so you should never run out
  4. the paper is EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan certified
  5. cleverly they have a built in ‘brake’ which allows us to adjust the tension and reduces waste

Call us anytime if you want to talk toilet paper – it’s one of our favourite subjects