3 Ways to utilise your toilets to benefit your business

Human needs are simple Every human on the planet has to do 4 things – breath, eat, sleep and go to the toilet.  It amazes me, on a daily basis, that businesses do not utilise the washroom area. (I am going to refer toilets, bathrooms, WC’s as washrooms for the rest of this piece). 90% […]

receipt 30p

Should we have to pay to Pee?

Some thoughts on the future of Public Toilets and how much we should pay to use them.

child with fingers in ears as too noisy

Are you being deafened in the Washroom?

Quiet Hand Dryers – do they work? In the past quiet hand dryers were rubbish.  So people made dryers faster and noisier to get quicker drying times.  The byproduct of faster air is more noise so can you get quiet hand dryers and do quiet hand dryers really work? Humans are born with only two fears, […]

small pub

Small toilets can be beautiful

8 Tips to make the smallest toilet look professional Recently I was in the smallest bar in Dublin.  And although the bar was tiny, to my surprise the expected small toilets were reasonably sized. But not every business has the luxury of large spaces for toilets, yet even though your toilet may be small it can […]

self cleaning toilets

Self Cleaning Toilets – the stuff of dreams or just around the corner?

A look into the future and whether self Cleaning Toilets are the stuff of dreams or a viable option in the near future.

toilet bowl

My Toilets and other Animals

You may be amazed at what can appear in your toilet

portland loo

The Portland Loo

Is this the answer to the decline of the Public Loo?


When does a smell become a bad smell?

Nasal Fatigue is a phrase you probably only find within the washroom industry but we have all experienced it. Most notably when you go into a new location and you can smell what is to you a malodour or bad smell, wet dog, burnt toast, dirty nappies.