Too many holes in the wall


How to solve the problem of holes in the toilet walls

Simple solution to holes in toilet walls’ 

Changing brands, suppliers or systems can cause the ‘woodworm effect’

Many commercial washrooms have to change equipment. Whether that is because the old style is obsolete or maybe a change in supplier means a change of equipment (not unusual).  However, it can look terrible with parts of rawlplugs left in walls or worse, holes in toilet cubicle partitions that allow folk to peek right through.

This was an issue for a relatively new client of ours last week.  Having looked around we have come up with a simple answer to partially decorate the toilet cubicles to hide the various holes left from previous toilet paper dispense systems.  The answer is a band of polypropylene, the kind that sign companies makes fluorescent signs from. We have mounted it with NoMoreNails, so it is a seamless finish and mounted the toilet roll dispensers back on top.  The colour matches their corporate colour scheme and by completing a ‘band’ around the cubicle including the door we have created a design feature which should blend in perfectly with the branding and the building.

Simple and yet effective.  You can source suitable materials from local sign companies who will make light boxes or external signage from thin lightweight material. It is also an amazing way to add a splash of colour to a drab or plain washroom facility.