Adults hand washing

In a recent survey by Study Finds more than 10 per cent of British adults still fail to regularly wash their hands after using the bathroom.  I am a little sceptical of this figure myself as I think that quite a lot of people still don’t wash their hands but due to the stigma currently would claim that they did!

12% of adults admit they don’t wash their hands

Of the 2,000 Brits polled on their washroom habits both at and away from home, 12 per cent still say they don’t always wash their hands after going to the loo. This is still a ridiculously high number considering the current pandemic and the government guidance across all media.  I’d love to know what it would take to get everyone to consistently wash their hands correctly.

However, there are some signs that handwashing habits are improving, hand washing is up to 8 times a day on average from 5 times a day prior to the pandemic.  Time spent washing hands is supposedly up from 12 seconds to 19 seconds – still 1 second short of the recommended 20 seconds.

Interestingly 45 per cent of those surveyed say they are hesitant to go back to their favourite bars, restaurants and stores due in part to their concerns about using a public toilet.

‘Fake news alert’: there was also another report that 90% of adults interviewed claimed they were washing their hands more frequently and longer than before the pandemic.  Mmmmm – we do wonder on that one.

Hands – Wash and Sanitise

So, remember to wash your hands frequently – before eating, after visiting the toilet, before and after shopping or after visiting any household or building that is not your home.  When you return home wash your hands just in case.  If you can’t wash your hands then use an appropriate hand sanitiser.  Everyone should be carrying a little 50ml bottle of sanitiser to make sure they don’t get caught out.

BTW you might find this article here interesting with regard to the alcohol content of sanitisers