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Dentist Services

Bespoke Entrance Matting

Caledonia Washrooms have always been active in the dentist’s sector with waste and washroom services. However, we have been heavily involved since the collapse of Healthcare Environmental in December 2018.

Due to the urgent and increased demand, we can now offer a full waste services package. This includes specialist waste collection.

One way for private dentist centres to save money is to separate the clinical waste from the offensive waste. Plastic cups, vinyl gloves paper towels and medical packaging can all be classed as offensive waste instead of clinical waste.

With all waste, it is up to the originator of the waste to classify it correctly and to use the appropriate EWC (European Waste Code). We are only too happy to help if you are struggling.  It should be noted that Gypsom Waste and/or Study Waste (EWC 18 01 04) should be collected in specific buckets. This waste is both heavy and can have sharp edges.  Therefore, collecting in bags can be very messy!

More than Offensive waste

All Dental Practices in Scotland must also have a separate hygiene waste Sanitary Bins contract with a specialist supplier. Caledonia Washrooms can offer this service at a very competitive price.  Other items that are worth considering especially in Dental Practices is a Biozone Air cleansing unit.   This prevents colds and cases of flu being spread around the waiting room area to both patients and staff.  This is professionally installed and maintained and will help sterilise not only the air but all the surfaces in the area (it is also great in Doctor’s surgeries).

Caledonia Washrooms can also offer a complete toilet refitting service should you be considering a toilet overhaul. We can organise the installation and supply of all the standard items you can find in any washroom. This might include toilet paper dispensing systems, foaming soap, hand sanitisers, hand dryers, paper towel dispensers air fresheners and even baby changing tables!

Bespoke Entrance Matting

Entrance matting is also worth considering as dentists can have heavy footfall direct from the street. By installing a bespoke branded entrance mat it enhances the entrance to any practice. It also prevents slips and trips from wet surfaces.  Our entrance mat service ensures the mats are replaced and laundered every two weeks. That way they are kept in great condition – just like teeth are when maintained regularly.

With Caledonia Washrooms you get a bespoke washroom and waste service that suits every need.  It can be adjusted as your business grows. Unlike some of the national suppliers, we won’t tie you into long term contracts.

Toilet Twinning

We also can offer Toilet Twinning so you can fulfil some CSR. Businesses like to know that their toilet is helping improve hygiene standards across some of the neediest communities in Africa.

From a small practice based in Dingwall or a large practise in Dumfries we have you covered for all your waste and hygiene needs.  We also offer price match and a no fix no fee guarantee should you have a nasty smell that needs to be sorted.


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