COVID-19 Safety Measures for Office and Production

office reception with sanitiser stand

As offices and production facilities prepare to return to work, keeping staff and visitors safe will be top priority.  Healthy Working Lives have produced this excellent risk assessment specifically designed for COVID-19 safety.   This covers every aspect across the whole premises and business activities.

But we thought we’d make life just a little easier with our simple proven tips for top class hand hygiene.   After all, great hand hygiene is one of the main coronavirus defences – remember back to the early days of the pandemic when all the talk was of washing your hands to Happy Birthday or some other equally silly tune, but all lasting for 20 seconds.  That hasn’t changed.

Keep Hand Hygiene Simple

There are two quite simple tools for everyone

  • The best – wash your hands thoroughly and correctly for 20 seconds as often as you can
  • Almost as good – if water and soap are not available, use hand sanitiser correctly.

This guide from the World Health Organisation is the definitive advice for correct use of both methods.  It has two very clear printable guides which you might want to place at key points to keep reminding staff.

Now that you know what you need your staff and visitors to do, how can you help them adhere to the advice?

  • Have soap or soap dispensers at every sink and make sure that supplies are kept refreshed
  • Install paper towel dispensers – remember to ask your supplier for Z fold paper towels. Much more cost effective in the long run as these dispense 1 at a time.
  • Make sure hand driers are working correctly. Now might be the time to evaluate the cost of paper towels vs hand driers.  We can help with that.

Hand Sanitiser

Let’s look at areas where you don’t have access to soap and water.  Hand Sanitiser is the answer, of course and whilst stock is more freely available than earlier on in the pandemic it still remains a premium product to obtain.  Lead times can be long.  What is even longer are the sanitiser dispensers.  We know that lead time for these can be in excess of 20 weeks.  We don’t want to appear too smug but we knew this would happen and have secured more than adequate stock.

We’d strongly advise having hand sanitiser available in high traffic areas such as entrances and exits, canteens, staff areas, breakout rooms, meeting rooms…..

Using a mobile stand allows a business to move the stand(s) to where they are needed at key times of the day.  You don’t really need a stand and dispenser for every pinch point.  BUT, a word of caution:  many of the stands coming to the market right now are flimsy and easy to knock over.  Not only a safety hazard but potentially damage those precious dispensers in the process.  Choose a sturdy and well-balanced stand.  We can help with that as we have designed and have manufactured, in Scotland,  stable and sturdy stands which weight 13kg.  They also look very good too.  So good they have already been snapped up by some of the major retail outlets across Europe as they re-open.   See more here

Keep the air clean

You might want to add another layer of safety to your premises by keeping the air as purified and sterilised as possible.  Receptions and Waiting Rooms are ideal locations for this amazing piece of kit. The Biozone uses PhotoPlasma technology to reach places no other cleaning regime can by eliminating bacteria, fungus and viruses both in the air and on surfaces.   Bonus!  They also keep the area smelling fresh and clean as they remove pongy odours. Read more here.  Call us today to arrange a demo.  Peace of mind all round and some simple to implement and maintain Covid-19 Safety.

A Pesky Footnote

Empty quiet buildings are a magnet for unwelcome visitors and not just the two legged criminal variety.  We know that rodents and insects are taking this welcome break from human interference to set up home in all the nooks and crannies of unoccupied buildings.  Why not ask one of our new Pest Services team to pop by and undertake a survey before you open?