The Holidays are coming – part 2

Christmas is nearly upon us and the toilet or washroom area can be a tricky place to deal with over the festive period – depending on what type of business you have.

Adults hand washing

Has Covid-19 finally got adults to wash their hands?

Shocking figures emerge about adult hand washing practices.

Tips for Hand Hygiene in Schools

5 Hints and Tips for Hand Hygiene in Schools post Lockdown

We make it easy to make the school washrooms socially spaced with our 5 top tips

Toilet Etiquette in the UK

Know before you go

Toilet Etiquette around the World Visit anywhere new and one of the things that will make or break the experience, and pretty much determine if you’ll be back for a second time, is a trip to use the facilities. Or known as the W.C., washroom, loo, ladies’ (or gents’) or even, in Japan, the ‘ben-jo’, […]

Loch Leven with Caledonia Washroom Services Toilet Stops

Treat yourself to a walk around Loch Leven

We share one of Scotland’s most scenic and accessible walks – Loch Leven Heritage Trail – complete with toilet stops! When you are planning a day out, especially with young children, being sure that there are plenty good quality toilet stops available, can make all the difference toy our choice of location.  Here we share […]

process flow

5 questions when choosing a washroom service company

If you are thinking about Washroom Services for your business premises here are the 5 questions you need to be asking.