Toilet Etiquette in the UK

Know before you go

Toilet Etiquette around the World Visit anywhere new and one of the things that will make or break the experience, and pretty much determine if you’ll be back for a second time, is a trip to use the facilities. Or known as the W.C., washroom, loo, ladies’ (or gents’) or even, in Japan, the ‘ben-jo’, […]

Loch Leven with Caledonia Washroom Services Toilet Stops

Treat yourself to a walk around Loch Leven

We share one of Scotland’s most scenic and accessible walks – Loch Leven Heritage Trail – complete with toilet stops! When you are planning a day out, especially with young children, being sure that there are plenty good quality toilet stops available, can make all the difference toy our choice of location.  Here we share […]

chamber pot

How to clean a toilet

Toilet Cleaning made easy What kind of toilets? Toilet Cleaning is not everyone’s favourite task but hopefully this will make it quicker easier and a bit more thorough! The procedure below was written specifically for a major hotel group.  However the technique is the same whether you are cleaning a commercial or domestic toilet large […]

process flow

5 questions when choosing a washroom service company

If you are thinking about Washroom Services for your business premises here are the 5 questions you need to be asking.

child with fingers in ears as too noisy

Are you being deafened in the Washroom?

Quiet Hand Dryers – do they work? In the past quiet hand dryers were rubbish.  So people made dryers faster and noisier to get quicker drying times.  The byproduct of faster air is more noise so can you get quiet hand dryers and do quiet hand dryers really work? Humans are born with only two fears, […]