Beauty and Personal Healthcare back to work post lockdown

COVID-19 Safety for Offices and Production Businesses

Keeping the workplace safe from Coronavirus and Common Flu

Keeping the workplace safe from Coronavirus and Common Flu

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How to clean a toilet

Toilet Cleaning made easy What kind of toilets? Toilet Cleaning is not everyone’s favourite task but hopefully this will make it quicker easier and a bit more thorough! The procedure below was written specifically for a major hotel group.  However the technique is the same whether you are cleaning a commercial or domestic toilet large […]

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My Toilets and other Animals

You may be amazed at what can appear in your toilet


Snow is falling…….

As Shakin’ Stevens says ‘…children playing, having fun’ but Shakin’ forgets to highlight the slip risks that invariably arrive with the snow, especially on tiled or hard flooring.


The Holidays are coming – part 2

Christmas is nearly upon us and the toilet or washroom area can be a tricky place to deal with over the festive period – depending on what type of business you have.


Vandalising Toilets – a first world problem?

It’s a funny old game…. All eyes were on Scotland at the weekend as one of the biggest rivalries in sport and one of the oldest club football games was played for the first time in the league for four years.  The enthusiasm and rivalry, the media attention, television, newspapers and social media was, in […]