Innovation – a simple idea for safety mats

How we created a brilliant new solution for safer workplaces What is innovation? Could we have the internet without the computer? Or the car without the wheel?  So why not safety signs made easy. Invariably within the washroom sector innovation comes from adapting or incorporating an idea or invention that may well have had a […]


Wriggly Rugs and other hazards

Problems with Entrance Matting and how to solve them The last few weeks we have had an issue with new Entrance Matting that we had installed for a Carnoustie Golf Links.  We had designed and created a large (240cm x 180cm) entrance mat.  The building was a new build and we were asked to provide […]


Snow is falling…….

As Shakin’ Stevens says ‘…children playing, having fun’ but Shakin’ forgets to highlight the slip risks that invariably arrive with the snow, especially on tiled or hard flooring.


The Holidays are coming – part 2

Christmas is nearly upon us and the toilet or washroom area can be a tricky place to deal with over the festive period – depending on what type of business you have.


Wet floors in washrooms

Why is my washroom floor always wet? Some of the most common reasons why washroom floors can be wet Wet Floors used to be restricted to around the urinal area.  Us boys can be messy creatures, but there are other sources of moisture in the washroom that may need to be addressed.  Here are some […]