Keeping the workplace safe from Coronavirus and Common Flu

Keeping the workplace safe from Coronavirus and Common Flu

toilets over the festive period

The Holidays are coming

Preparations for business washrooms over the festive period Christmas will soon upon us and the toilet or washroom area for businesses can be a tricky place to deal with over the festive period – depending on what type of business you have.  The hospitality sector is of course supremely busy right now and probably where […]

Unisex Toilet entrance

Unisex Toilets: they don’t work

The real reason why unisex toilets quietly get changed back to single use Unisex toilets have been making the headlines for some time now.  Their installations make for great journalistic headlines.  But do they work long term?  We’ll share why not but first some background. It wasn’t enlightenment, joy and flags of welcome recently in […]

Toilet Roll Holder High Capacity

Never leave a client in the lurch

High Capacity Toilet Rolls We’ve all been asked at some point in time… ‘how long is a piece of string’. But if you manage facilities that are used by your customers or staff then the real question is: ‘how many sheets do the toilet rolls have left before it’s not enough? After all, the job’s […]


Innovation – a simple idea for safety mats

How we created a brilliant new solution for safer workplaces What is innovation? Could we have the internet without the computer? Or the car without the wheel?  So why not safety signs made easy. Invariably within the washroom sector innovation comes from adapting or incorporating an idea or invention that may well have had a […]


Ready Steady Go for the New Season

Tips for Seasonal Businesses before Easter opening It’s January and it’s cold, blowy and sunny days seem far away. Indeed some readers may be taking a well earned sunshine break right now before the seasons kicks off in April. This will include seasonal business facilities such as Sports Clubs, Holiday Parks, Golf or Bowling Clubs… […]

chamber pot

How to clean a toilet

Toilet Cleaning made easy What kind of toilets? Toilet Cleaning is not everyone’s favourite task but hopefully this will make it quicker easier and a bit more thorough! The procedure below was written specifically for a major hotel group.  However the technique is the same whether you are cleaning a commercial or domestic toilet large […]

receipt 30p

Should we have to pay to Pee?

Some thoughts on the future of Public Toilets and how much we should pay to use them.

self cleaning toilets

Self Cleaning Toilets – the stuff of dreams or just around the corner?

A look into the future and whether self Cleaning Toilets are the stuff of dreams or a viable option in the near future.