Unisex Toilet entrance

Unisex Toilets: they don’t work

The real reason why unisex toilets quietly get changed back to single use Unisex toilets have been making the headlines for some time now.  Their installations make for great journalistic headlines.  But do they work long term?  We’ll share why not but first some background. It wasn’t enlightenment, joy and flags of welcome recently in […]

Toilet Etiquette in the UK

Know before you go

Toilet Etiquette around the World Visit anywhere new and one of the things that will make or break the experience, and pretty much determine if you’ll be back for a second time, is a trip to use the facilities. Or known as the W.C., washroom, loo, ladies’ (or gents’) or even, in Japan, the ‘ben-jo’, […]


Ready Steady Go for the New Season

Tips for Seasonal Businesses before Easter opening It’s January and it’s cold, blowy and sunny days seem far away. Indeed some readers may be taking a well earned sunshine break right now before the seasons kicks off in April. This will include seasonal business facilities such as Sports Clubs, Holiday Parks, Golf or Bowling Clubs… […]

receipt 30p

Should we have to pay to Pee?

Some thoughts on the future of Public Toilets and how much we should pay to use them.

small pub

Small toilets can be beautiful

8 Tips to make the smallest toilet look professional Recently I was in the smallest bar in Dublin.  And although the bar was tiny, to my surprise the expected small toilets were reasonably sized. But not every business has the luxury of large spaces for toilets, yet even though your toilet may be small it can […]

self cleaning toilets

Self Cleaning Toilets – the stuff of dreams or just around the corner?

A look into the future and whether self Cleaning Toilets are the stuff of dreams or a viable option in the near future.

toilet bowl

My Toilets and other Animals

You may be amazed at what can appear in your toilet


The Holidays are coming – part 2

Christmas is nearly upon us and the toilet or washroom area can be a tricky place to deal with over the festive period – depending on what type of business you have.