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Air Purifiers


Caledonia Washrooms are delighted to be able to offer our customers the Bio-Zone range of Air Purifiers and Sterilisers.  Using purifying PhotoPlasma technology these units can reach places no other cleaning technology can to eliminate bacteria, fungus and viruses both in the air and on surfaces.  Washrooms not only smell fresh and clean, they really are.

The Bio-Zone is not limited to washroom use.   Changing rooms, kitchens, waste disposal areas, corridors, guest rooms, smoking areas…..anywhere you want to have clean air and reduce risk of infection.

We can also provide a mini version to be used when and where you need it.  For example maybe you have a guest room needing a fast clean of bad odours or smoke removal after an illicit cigarette.  These are ideal for rental properties cleaning up after malodorous tenants.  Anywhere you want to remove malodours from quickly.

Call us to arrange a demonstration and find out how your waiting room or any other space can be kept odour free.

“Caledonia Washroom supplies provide toilet hygiene solutions for a number of properties within the AMITY Hospitality portfolio. WE had an instance to seek advice for a malodour from a carpet that had been professionally cleaned. Iain suggest 2 30 minute sessions with his Biozone machine – it uses uv rays to kill all potential smell causing bacteria through air filtration. It saved the cost of a new carpet!! ” 

M Sheffield Director, Amity Hospitality

Air care biozone
Air care biozone
Air care biozone
Helping Scottish businesses control odours since 2008. Call us on 0844 2499 244.