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Air Fresheners

OxyGen fragrance

Learn about Aerosol Air Fresheners

More about Oxygen operated Air Fresheners

Fixing an air freshener on the wall is not particularly difficult but fixing the right air freshener can be a lot harder to do. Many washroom companies offer one or two options:  some as simple as either a white or chrome finish. At Caledonia Washrooms we have a range of units to suit your needs.


Aerosol Systems

The traditional battery operated aerosol air freshener is popular and versatile. It comes as standard in a metal or white finish  but we can do these another colours.   The options to compliment a stylish washroom with branded or colour matched equipment is not a problem.


It’s powered by two double AA batteries and fully programmable . It can programmed to suit your business needs: weekends or weekdays or both, morning, afternoon, evening whatever you need making this a truly cost effective option.   Once it’s programmed, we set this to be replaced every 14 days, 30 days, 45 days, 60 days, whatever the business requires.

  •  Fully programmable
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use,
  • Multitude of fragrances options


Oxygen Powered Systems

Our battery free options – the greenest that we have.  This is Oxygen Powered with truly clever technology ensuring consistent fragrance delivery (and we have nine colour choices as well as a vandal proof option).


It’s very small. but it doesn’t use any aerosol. It doesn’t have a can, so there areno VOCs in there. There’s no propellant, no alcohol, and that’s important because of the European legislation about to take place that’s going to make cans eventually difficult to dispose of.   Effectively, you’re going to have to start deciding what you want to do with your cans, and it’s going to cover another layer of disposal costs involved in the washroom.


This aerosol is available in a range of 10 colours as well as the standard white or black.  If you prefer we can supply a metal finish in this same format.  But there is also has uniquely a vandal-proof unit.  We are demonstrating the vandal proof version in the video.  It’s stainless steel and it looks fantastic. We actually have these in a lot of high-end restaurants because of its stylish good looks.


Watch the video to see how it actually works – very clever!


When the cartridge is finished, everything can be recycled  .   It’s all plastic and paper as opposed to a can, which technically can be recycled, but you have to get rid of the accelerants in a can before it can be recycled.


With over a 100 fragrance solutions there’s no reason for your toilets to smell – give us a bell.

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