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Supporting Scottish Businesses since 2008.  Call us on 0844 2499 244.

We are still open for business supplying essential hygiene products and services to key businesses during the CV-19 crisis but the team are working safely from home. Call 0844 2499244

So how can we help?

Odour Issues?

Malodours are easy to smell but harder to eradicate.  At Caledonia Washrooms we identify the source of the odour before deciding whether we need an odour neutraliser or masking alternative.

We have a great range of solutions that will compliment any washroom or public area.  For more detailed information on odour control here is a link to our blog. Click on a link below for a specific odour issue.

Air Fresheners   Air Purifiers   Nappy Bins   Urinal Sanitisers

Specialist waste collection issues?

Waste classification can be confusing, and as the waste generator, it is your responsibility to allocate the appropriate European Waste Code (EWC) for the waste that you generate. (If you are unsure give us a call to discuss). We hold the appropriate SEPA licence so we can collect and dispose of all varieties of ‘offensive’ or ‘specialist’ waste.

SEPA guidance can be confusing but as a rule if your business generates more than 25Kg of specialist or offensive waste per annum then you need to separate this waste from the general waste stream and show that it is being disposed of correctly.  We can advise businesses on what they need to do to be compliant and provide the appropriate paperwork free of charge.

Nappy Bins   Sanitary Bins

Service issues?

Lack of service is one of the biggest frustration that customers have.  National service providers, more often than not, will tie you into long term contracts (3-5 years) and then fail to deliver the service promised.  At Caledonia Washrooms we offer 13 service calls per annum as standard, not 6 or 8 as other providers do.

Our business has been built on referrals, we do not tie our clients into long, complicated contracts and can tailor our service to suit the seasonality that our customers need.  From the Edinburgh Festival to the Ryder Cup, we can deliver a service second to none and we are only ever a phone call away.

Give us a call to discuss your service requirements. Or click here to send us an email

Reliable (fast and quiet) hand dryers?

For any washroom service company, hand dryer reliability is key. Having to return to site to repair or replace a faulty unit is is a waste of time and money to us and a real inconvenience to our clients.  So reliability is key, but just as important is understanding our client, finding a dryer that suits their budget and business needs.

High profile designer dryers may look great but they have issues with noise, reliability, and are not cheap! We ensure that not only is the dryer a perfect fit, but it is sourced from reputable manufacturers in UK or Europe and that is is fitted safely and securely. If you are a nursery, primary school or a business that has a lot of child visitors we recommend Puff the Magic Dryer. There is more Hand dryer comment on the blog here.

More info on Hand Dryers

Entrance matting?

Businesses have entrance matting for multiple reasons: to provide a great image of their business, to protect carpets and entrances from salt and grit damage in the winter, as well as preventing a slip hazard from rainwater or snowmelt.

We have a wide variety of matting options. We can design and create for you a visual proof, to your exact requirements, free of charge before you have to commit to manufacture. Our bespoke mats are made in Belgium and we can collect, launder and replace entrance and safety mats as frequently as your business requires.

Email us a logo and approximate size required for a no obligation quote.

Entrance Matting

Looking for a redesign or refit?

We appreciate that just sometimes your washrooms just don’t reflect your business.  You may have grown, changed your customer base, want to be more environmentally responsible or just have some avacado sanitary ware that you just can’t bear to look at anymore.

We have teamed up with a select few professional partners including FSS (Scotland) Ltd as our main contractor to help you create a complete transformation of the most important room in your business, the washroom.

We can create bespoke cubicles and even have vinyl printed wet wall to create a washroom that gets everyone talking but is easy to keep clean and maintain.

Email us for a free consultation and a no obligation quote.

Paying too much for nappy waste collection?

Are you a nursery, indoor play centre, or venue that is paying too much for your nappy or incontinence waste to be collected and disposed of ethically?  We have a number of disposal options that can suit any business with a large amount of ‘offensive’ waste that needs collected.

Contact us for a no obligation quote. or give us a call on 0844 2499 244 to discuss your options.

Dentists Click Here

Caledonia Washrooms have always been active in the dentists sector but have been heavily involved since the collapse of Healthcare Environmental in December 2018.

Due to the urgent and increased demand, we can now offer a full waste services package to include specialist waste collection.  Read more here about the services we can offer

Sanitary Bins Biozone Air  Entrance Mats  Toilet Twinning

Cost effective consumables?

Our consumables are not only cost effective but wherever possible are  EU Ecolabel certified.  We are one of the few Scottish distributors for Delphis Eco and Vendor NL. We have an extensive range of environmentally friendly products and can deliver next day  across the whole of the UK.  Give us a call on 0844 2499 244 to discuss your requirements. Or drop us an email by clicking here. or click the link below.

Cleaning Products

Legislation query?

Not sure how the legislation affects you?  Are you a specialist business i.e. Children’s Nursery, Acupuncturist, Health Spa, Tattoo Parlour, Dentist, Hotel, Church, Cafe, etc.?  Unsure of how to classify your waste streams and your legal requirements?  Then give us a call on 0844 2499 244, all it costs is a phone call!

Its cheaper to email us click here.

Baby changing expertise?

We do not claim to be experts in how to change a dirty nappy, but we do know a thing or two about baby changing rooms and making them practical to use and maintain whether that be for parents in a hospitality sector or carers in a childcare setting. We have many years experience of providing quality advice, products and services to the childcare sector and created the first hand dryer designed with children in mind – Puff the Magic Dryer.

We can advise on all aspects of children’s hygiene from nappy waste to cleaning a sand pit and have a wealth of resources available on our ToyGuard website.  If you need some support or advice drop us an email and we will give you a call or if you want to read about baby changing rooms here is a link to our blog.

Baby Changing Tables   Nappy Waste  Air Purifiers  Puff the Magic Dryer

General enquiry?

We can be reached by
email: info@caledoniawashrooms.com
Telephone 0844 2499 244 (answer machine for out of hours)

Interested in Toilet Twinning?

We’re proud to promote Toilet Twinning, a charity campaign which helps provide proper toilets, clean water and hygiene education in some of the poorest communities on the planet. Read More

To visit the Toilet Twinning website click here

Looking to outsource your Washroom facilities?

Why not talk to us about managing or commercialising your washrooms? Caledonia are expert in creating amazing spaces that can generate income from visitors as well as advertising through local businesses.  Our concepts are proven and can deliver amazing results. This system works particularly with shopping centres, High traffic hubs (such as bus and railway stations), and local authority public toilet facilities.

Drop us an email or give us a call on 0844 2499 244 for a confidential no obligation chat.

Are you a Golf Club looking to save some money?

We provide washroom services to some of the most prestigious golf events in the UK as well as golf clubs all over Scotland.  We understand the issues of a seasonal business like a golf club and can tailor packages to suit the demands of your members and the expectations of visitors alike.

More information.

Interested in Saving Water?

Find out more about how to reduce water wastage we have a system to suit any business including water management systems and  waterless urinals – both can be fitted to (nearly) any washroom retrospectively.

Water Management Systems   Waterless Urinals

Comment from the Closet

by The Toilet Expert

Looking for something specific?  Click here to access our articles regarding all things commercial washroom (and occasionally golf). Sorted by category you will find help or answers to your toilet turmoil.

What our customers say

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We care… about service

We have grown our business through referrals from clients across Scotland and beyond.  We are so confident that you will be impressed that we do not ask for long or complicated service agreements.  Our contract with you is as long as you want it to be and if you are not happy with our service you can terminate at any time. Call us to chat about your washroom needs.

Here is a link to our Privacy Policy last updated May 2018