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Sanitary Bins

Washroom services Scotland

Listen in to the Benefits of Infrared Bins

Infrared Bins


When the market needs a touch-free bin our Infrared bins are the answers.  All they need is a finger to run over the sensor area and they open quickly and silently.

It’s operate by a battery, either D-Cell or C-Cell, which we make sure is always working.  The battery compartment is easy to reach and replace.  Does your supplier make sure batteries are frequently replaced?  Remember to ask.

Sanitary Bins

Sanitary bins come in all shapes and sizes.  Most local authorities will allow you to dispose of up to 25Kg of waste in the general waste stream, but it is worth checking.  If you do want a professional service company to supply, service and maintain then we can help. Our standard bin is made from recycled plastic and is a light grey in colour.

Our standard unit at Caledonia Washrooms is a Kennedy Intimate Bin.  The reason we use this bin is twofold: 1) it’s made of a very robust material, and 2) it’s made from 100% recycled UPVC, which makes it environmentally a bit more responsible.  We also have a premium black and chrome bin as well as an all-black bin which is very stylish.


  • It looks good
  • It’s good quality
  • It’s easy to keep clean
  • It’s easy to sanitize when we’re working


It’s a pedal operated bin. There are other versions of it available. We do a black and chrome version, and an infrared version too.


We have other bins in our range, but the Kennedy Intimate is what 80% of our clients use.

Our servicing is based on 4 weekly as standard (13 visits per annum) although we can service more frequently should you require.
We also can supply individual sanitary disposal bags branded or unbranded depending on your business needs.


How we keep bins clean and stay green at the same time

We use white liner inside the bins.   it’s tucked away beneath the lid. The reason that we use a liner exchange is really from an environmental perspective.  Most big national service providers will actually take the complete bin away, put it on a van, take it away to a service point, empty the waste, clean the bin and bring the bin back. There’s no guarantee that the bin that you’re going to get back is a nice clean one like the one that you gave in in the first instance. So we eradicate that issue for a start.


Second thing is, when we take the waste out of the bin in a liner, we can obviously carry a lot more waste on one van, so the vans don’t have to make repeat journeys backwards and forwards to our waste disposal site.   From our current location, our waste disposal site is only eight miles away, so we have a really short carbon footprint on where we are and how we get rid of that waste.

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