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Air Fresheners

OxyGen fragrance

Fixing an air freshener on the wall is not particularly difficult but fixing the right air freshener can be a lot harder to do. Many washroom companies offer one or two options some as simple as either a white or chrome finish. At Caledonia Washrooms we have a range of air fresheners to suit your needs. Some of our options include but are not limited to:

Aerosol and battery free – the greenest options that we have. Oxygen Powered – clever technology ensures consistent fragrance (and we have nine colour choices as well as a vandal proof option). Battery operated dosing – great for businesses with set opening times. Units can be programmed to dose between specific times on specific days. We have over a 100 fragrance solutions so if your toilets smell – give us a bell.

Helping Scottish businesses smell great since 2008. Call us on 0844 2499 244.